1. FAQ for not authenticated users:

How can I join the EmCan Program?

There are several ways to join EmCan.

You can enroll using the mobile app or at any Emarat participating brand. EmCan is an app-based program, and to take advantage of all member benefits, you will need to download the EmCan application.

Where can I get the EmCan App?

You can find 'EmCan' app in AppStore for iOS or Google Play for Android devices. Simply search for the 'EmCan' application and download it on your mobile.

Do I have to be a UAE resident to become an EmCan member?

Yes, the membership is open to all residents and non-residents of the UAE.

I can't access my account anymore, who should I contact?

A “contact us” link is available on the app and the user will be redirected to his email with the EmCan email address.

2. FAQ for authenticated users:


Can I use my Face ID to register?

FaceID is not available. At this point, there is no need for password/verification after initial registration/login. EmCan members will remain logged into the app.

Can I add family members to my account? Will they use the same login credentials?

Not yet, the feature allowing you to create and access family accounts will be introduced later.

How can I change my personal details?

By clicking on the menu, you can access your profile and ask customer support to change your first name, last name, phone number or e-mail address. In an upcoming version, you will be able to do it through your user profile.

Will my app work offline/without an internet connection? Which functionalities are visible/usable without an internet connection?

EmCan is a mobile application that requires an internet connection to access all functionalities.

My QR code is not working in POS, what should I do?

If your QR code is not working at the station, you might give the attendant your customer identification number written below your QR code.

What if someone steals my phone and has access to my account?

The user can contact our customer service by email at info@emcan.com and ask to delete or disconnect the account.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership any time by clicking on the button "delete my account" on the settings menu.

If I delete my EmCan account, can I get my Points back?

If you delete your account, your points get deleted as well. A new account can

be created with the same phone number, but the points will not be transferred automatically. If the account is accidentally deleted, you can contact Customer Service to see if the points can be restored.


How do I earn EmCan points?

You can earn points when you fuel or shop within any Emarat petrol station or partner brands.

To earn points for fueling at Emarat simply click on your QR code in the EmCan app and present it to the attendant prior to fueling.

To earn points for shopping at Emarat partner brands present your QR code on your mobile app to the cashier.

How many points can I earn for each Emarat service?

Fueling 1 liter = 2 EmCoins

Freshplus 1 AED = 2 EmCoins

Bakeria 1 AED = 2 EmCoin

Café Arabicca 1 AED = 2 EmCoins

Lube Express 1 AED = 3 EmCoins

Car Wash 1 AED = 3 EmCoin

Can I earn points at Emarat's partners at the service stations?

No, for now, it is not possible to earn points at Emarat's partners.

Is it possible to earn points without showing my loyalty QR Code and, for example, showing my ID instead?

No, we will not offer this feature for now, as there is a high risk of manual errors and incorrect allocation of points.

Can I earn and redeem in a single transaction?

Yes, this is possible. The EmCan app includes two types of QR Codes.

  • The first QR Code is to earn points. This QR Code can be used multiple times since it is the same code for all earning activities. This code is only for EARNING.
  • The second QR Code is for redeeming points. This QR code can be used only 5 minutes after its creation and has to be generated manually in the app for each redeeming activity. You will first REDEEM the selected amount of points and then EARN points for the remaining transaction amount.

Is there a limit to how many points I can redeem with one purchase?

No, there is no limit to how many points you can redeem with one purchase. There is a limit of minimum points that can be redeemed in one transaction (100 points).

Is it possible to combine other discounts (offline/non-loyalty) with redeeming points in one transaction?

Yes, offline promotions will remain valid. You can combine this with the earning and burning of points.

When are the points deducted from the points balance if I redeem them?

The points are removed from the account when the Redeem QR code is scanned at the POS and the loyalty server has processed the transaction. If you create a Redeem QR code but never uses it, the points will not be deducted from your account.

What happens if I return an item that I have earned/redeemed points for?

When you return an item on which you earned/redeemed points, you will lose/get back the points connected to that item. This will automatically be done by the system when the attendant processes the return.

When do the points expire?

Points expire 24 months after the date they were earned. EmCan members will receive a notification before the expiration of the points.


Can I see my receipt of a transaction in the EmCan app?

No, this is not possible at the moment. You can see transaction details, like place, amount, and points earned/redeemed, but not the full receipt. You can request the paper receipt at the POS.

Can I add the EmCan loyalty QR Code to my Apple or Google Wallet?

No, for now, the loyalty QR Code of EmCan will be updated regularly. Therefore, it cannot be added to Apple or Google Wallet.

Can I pay directly with my app?

No, not yet.

Can I buy premium subscription options that includes additional benefits?

No, you can't buy a Pro or Premium subscription to have more benefits. You can however reach higher tier levels within our program as you collect more points. When a new tier is reached, you will unlock extra benefits and redemption opportunities.


How can I reach out to EmCan Support?

You can contact us by email at info@emcan.com or by Whtsapp at +971507591887 

Which app will be used to launch GPS?

When you launch the GPS, the main map app of the device will start. At a later stage, you will be able to choose your preferred map app.

Can I give my opinion on the app?

Yes, all users will be able to give their feedback regarding the application.

What are Tiers?

Tiers are different levels that members can reach once they enroll in our EmCan App. With each new level, our members will unlock new rewards and benefits. 

Which levels can you reach with EmCan?

As a new EmCan member you are automatically a Bronze member. As a bronze member you can browse the App, Earn points, Burn points for discounts and enjoy our loyalty benefits. As you earn more points you can move up to the following levels: 

Silver: If you earn 10,000 - 29,999 points in 12 months, you will be upgraded to the Silver tier automatically 

Gold: If you earn more than 30,000 points in 12 months, you will be upgraded to Gold automatically 

How do I earn Tiers points?

Every time you make a purchase you earn points. The total amount of points you earn during the year will be calculated as your Tiers points. 

Could I lose my Tiers level if I burn points?

You can burn as many points as you want, this will not affect your Tiers level. We calculate all your earnings for the year to allocate your Tiers, regardless of how many points have been burnt. 

What are my benefits for being in a higher Tier?

Silver: Earn 1.5x the points for each fuel liter purchased  

Gold: Earn 2x the points for each fuel liter purchased 


Much more exclusive benefits to be revealed very soon.